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This module allows users to filter both the main menu and the dish index by allergens, food texture (see more here) and other dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, kosher, halal). This means that you can ensure those with specific dietary needs are also receiving adequate and balanced nutrition when these individuals are unable to eat all items from the main menu. 

Gluten Free

Example 1

Gluten-free Menu

If needing to cater for a group of individuals unable to eat gluten, the main menu can be filtered to only show dishes that do not contain gluten. This menu can then be analysed in the same way as the main menu and alternative dishes can be suggested to ensure individuals unable to eat gluten are receiving the same balanced menu as others. 

Example 2
Vegan Menu

This module allows you to independently analyse all dishes from the main menu that can be selected by a vegan individual. By selecting the vegan filter option, a version of the main menu containing only dishes that do not contain animal products will be created. This can then be analysed as normal, and any appropriate extra dishes will be suggested. This ensures everyone eating from your menu is receiving adequate and balanced nutrition.  

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