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Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams' Adult Menu Planner Program can be used to provide nutritionally balanced meals to a wide range of adults. This program is usually used in workplace cafes and canteens as well as those that provide food for University-aged or mature students.

Eating Out

Main Program Features

Individual Choice

Users can select specific dishes appropriate for small groups or individuals and export these into a new menu which can then be analysed the same as the general menu.

Indervidual Choice.JPG

Available Program Enhancements


This module functions in parallel with your Menu Planning and allows you to identify allergens on your menu quickly and easily to comply with the requirements of the EU legislation.

Small Groups Menu Planning

Nutmeg's newest module allows users to filter the menu and dish index by allergens, food textures and other dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, kosher, halal)

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