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Natasha’s Law

Gluten Free

Following the introduction of Natasha's Law in October 2021, the Nutmeg program is compliant and fully functional with the creation and printing of compliant labels. The labels can be printed straight from the program with the information which you have inputted into the Nutmeg program nutritional recipe analysis module. For more information on Natasha's Law, please see here.  

With Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams' new module users are able to:

  • Print compliant labels directly to A4 printers and print as many labels as they want.

  • Easily update the label sizing, so that the user knows which size label to print and also the font size. Users have the option to change the font size according to the surface area of the product on which the label is used.

  • The labels can be updated in real-time through the recipe analysis module of the Nutmeg program.

  • The labelling feature tells you which label sizes to print on. 

  • Different user levels can be set up for the labelling feature, these are described at Admin and Catering staff privileges. For example, catering staff could have access to the labelling feature only, whilst admin staff have access to the entire Nutmeg program.

  • A preview of the label can be seen throughout all the stages of the developing label and can be updated in real-time through each of the stages. 

For a full list of the Nutmeg labelling module features, please see here

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