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Menu Planning

  • Up to 14 macronutrient and micronutrients analysed, as well as overall energy
  • All menu analysis is in relation to standards for your specific population group

  • The causes of any nutritional imbalances in the menu are highlighted

  • Colour-coded nutritional analysis shows the percentage by which nutrients exceed or fall short of the standards

  • Exclusive NMP search and replace function helps to adjust nutritional imbalances in a menu by suggesting appropriate substitutes from the same food category

  • Portion sizes can be pre-set and adjusted

  • Users can input number of customers each day for each dish

  • Users can input the percentage of servings of each dish usually chosen in the menu

  • Number of days per week can be changed from week to week to  allow for holidays

  • Platter function; allows users to add foods in combination to form a new dish (fruit salads, sandwiches)

  • Regular recipes used can be selected as favourites

  • Recipe index can be screened to only show favourite dishes when required

  • Can automatically save all recipes used in past menus as favourites

Recipe Analysis

  • Recipe analysis includes special dietary requirements

  • Uses the latest McCance and Widdowson Composition of Foods database

  • The American database (USDA) and Australian and New Zealand database (NUTTAB) are also available for use

  • Missing data is flagged up and distinguished from ‘zero’ values

  • Recipe data is stored in the database

  • New recipes can be analysed and added to the food directory

  • Recipe data includes both the raw ingredient weight and finished dish weight

  • Can estimate nutrient losses through cooking

Basic functions

  • Cycles of menus up to 8 weeks can be saved and analysed for cost, nutrient content and frequency of dishes

  • A spreadsheet is provided to import suppliers’ and manufacturers’ data to the ingredient database

Reporting functions

  • Reports produced to evidence the nutritional analysis of menus in comparison to guidelines

       Reports can be produced by dish, day or week

Costing functions

  • A detailed analysis of cost and nutritional breakdown of each item in the menu can be easily produced in an Excel™ spreadsheet

  • Cost of a basket of ingredients can be recorded, allowing users to demonstrate trends in the ingredient cost base of their menu over time

  • Cost of dish changes can be seen beforehand

  • Costs of each recipe automatically reported and can be shown on menu

  • Full cost analysis of daily and weekly menus automatically reported

  • Automatic shopping lists produced for each menu showing ingredients, volume and costs per week

Presentation functions

  • Automatic production of step-by-step recipe booklets

  • Menus can be exported to Word ™ to enhance appearance for publication

  • Menus can be printed straight from the programmes

Technical functions

  • Any changes in guidelines or standards are implemented quickly and seamlessly

  • Programme is cloud-based, allowing users to log in from any computer anywhere

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