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Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams is a highly effective menu planning and recipe analysis tool for caterers.


The software ensures compliance with all relevant food standards in the UK, providing the perfect solution for population groups and individuals, including those with specific dietary, cultural and medical needs, including swallowing difficulties (IDDS). 

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Our Programs

Music Class
College Students on Break
Old Friends
Baking Ingredients

Our Clients Include

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Smaller Groups Module

Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams' most recent module enables users to filter both the main menu and menu index by allergens, food texture and other dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, kosher, halal etc.) This module ensures that those with specific dietary needs are also receiving adequate and balanced nutrition when unable to eat all of the items from the main menu. It also has the benefit of making planning menus for several smaller groups with specific needs, in addition to the larger population group, a far simpler and efficient process.


Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams' Recent Developments

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